The payment method of the future

Try direct bank transfer payment from a customer's bank account to a merchant's account with Finbricks.

The proceeds from completed payments will be donated to the foundation


How does the direct bank transfer payment work?

The customer is redirected to their bank for payment, where they confirm the payment in the usual way using their online banking. We use instant payments, so money is credited to the merchant's account within seconds.

infocard illustration

Two API calls are all you need

You can find everything you need in our OpenAPI documentation. Our technical support team will assist you in integrating your solution with our sandbox environment, which can simulate all possible states of a transaction.

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Customize the look to fit your style

Whitebricks allows you to customize the visuals of all screens to match your own design. You can adjust the color palette, shadows and rounding so that the visual matches your style and looks consistent throughout the entire payment flow.

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